01 Oct 2019

Why we use Umbraco

Back-end Hosting UI

A lot of our clients come to us saying they have never heard of Umbraco, and none of their friends’ websites are powered by Umbraco. A lot of sites utilise other CMS’ (Content Management System) such as Wordpress. Here are some of the features Umbraco can offer on top of what common CMS platforms provide also.

So, why do we like it?

1. Simplicity

Straight out-the-box it's very pleasant to look at, and easy to use. It's responsive to tablet devices and small screens. A lot of customers compliment its simplistic but feature-packed design. Content editing is a breeze with the ability to view your pages as different devices such as desktop, tablet, mobile.

2. Extensions

Developers can create ways to extend functionality directly into the CMS. These can be used to improve the way Umbraco handles SEO, marketing, content strategy, etc. This is found in the market place either inside Umbraco or online.

3. Security

The current and previous versions of the CMS get tested and patched if anything is found. Emails are sent out on ways to update the CMS or files to stop vulnerabilities. This is then handled by your developer to patch or by updating the CMS which can be done by logging in.

4. Improved development times

Using the tools provided development can be quicker and time-to-market improved. You can start off small and grow the capabilities of your website with your business all using the same platform.

5. Reduced costs

No license fees for running an Umbraco website. Umbraco is built upon a framework created by Microsoft so no need to spend money on addons for improved security or user accounts, this is all out-the-box with different ways to achieve this. Databases can be created within the file system and alleviating the need to pay for hosting for a database.

6. Stability

One of the most important and noteworthy features. Have you ever updated your CMS platform and then immediately encountered errors? Had addons just stop working? Additional add-ons or extensions are tested and maintained against new versions of Umbraco and the results are shown in the marketplace. CMS updates are stable updates only, this means it has been tested and any issues resolved by releasing the update to the public.


If you are looking to update or create a website, Umbraco may well fit your needs. Development, hosting, and security can be expensive at times, so why not go for a solution that has most of this built-in?

If you want to discuss Umbraco as an option for your company to get in touch, we will be excited to tell you more!

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