31 May 2019

Sitecore Helix

Back-end Sitecore UI

Sitecore Helix is a set of design principles to maintain, control, and reuse components and manage their dependencies within a Sitecore solution. This results in minimising costs long-term and reducing the time to market, whilst allowing developers to focus more on building features and components for your website.

Why should my business use Helix?

In any company, you may find yourself asking, how can I minimise the time my developers spend looking for problems in an unstructured code base. If new staff are hired, how can you make the transition easy, so they can work quickly without having to get used to a new code base.

As a business you should aim to have a clean code base which helps developers maintain components, reducing the overall cost and time spent by the developers when looking through large amounts of code.

Helix can be the answer and help your developers maintain their code to a good standard. This enables your development team to create reusable components, that can be used within multiple projects from a singular code base.


What are the benefits?

There are plenty of different benefits for Helix design used within Sitecore. Here is a list of some important points:

  1. Reusable components

  2. Clean and easy to read code

  3. Long term cost saving

  4. Quicker time to market

  5. Easier deployments

What are Sitecore and Helix?

Sitecore is an industry leading CMS and Marketing platform, a developer will work on top of an existing code base provided by Sitecore. Sitecore provides a set of guidelines to follow when creating projects for their platform. These guidelines are called Helix, they require a developer to create maintainable packages for components (navigation, billboards, carousels, etc.) so the editors can use these to display content.

If you have multiple sites running on Sitecore, you can reuse components over all sites within the CMS. A billboard, for example, can be used over one or more projects and have the same functionality but look completely different. In other words, you can have different text, images, fonts, and colours for your billboards across multiple sites but only having to create it once.

You can publish the components over different Sitecore installs they don’t have to be within the same multi-site project. This makes updating Sitecore easier and allows for a different version of Sitecore to run with the same components.


How can I take advantage of Sitecore and Helix?

If your website is not built using Sitecore and Helix or you are looking to update your website, we can help! With our Sitecore certified developers with a wealth of knowledge within the industry, you are in safe hands.

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